July 20, 2021

Building Hope: We Speak to Duncan Ward From Classroom of Hope & Markus Silverberg From Block Solutions About the Importance of Education and Sustainable Building

In this episode we speak to Duncan Ward founder and CEO of Classroom of Hope and Markus Silverberg founder of Block Solutions

Classroom of Hope is a non-profit organisation providing access to quality education in developing countries, they partner with local NGO’s to implement their school building programs.

They rightly believe that every child deserves access to quality education and a safe and secure learning environment is essential for educational success. Education is one of the most important factors in eradicating poverty and is the building block of every society. Education is a fundamental human right, not the privilege of few.

Markus and Block Solutions have been working alongside Classroom of Hope to help build schools using an incredibly versatile, sustainable and affordable way of building. A Finish-based company who has developed environmentally friendly block-modules.

The block-modules are used for building sustainable and safe homes and schools for people all around the world, thus fostering well-being. Not only that but the carbon footprint of the product is close to zero!


  1. Classroom of Hope
  2. Block-Solutions

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