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rePurpose Global is the World's First Plastic Credit Platform dedicated to making planetary action delightfully simple for purposeful people and companies of any size, anywhere. Today, our one-stop solution empowers anybody to take meaningful environmental action and go Plastic Neutral by financing innovators on the frontlines of fighting for our planet's future.

It's simple - for every ~$0.25 you contribute to our platform, we remove 1 lb of plastic waste otherwise destined for oceans or landfills. To accomplish this, we have built the world’s largest plastic waste recovery platform where we put your funding to work and eliminate as much plastic waste from nature as you use in your packaging and operations.

Sustainability no longer has to drain your bandwidth or break your bank. By becoming Plastic Neutral Certified with rePurpose Global, you get to create environmental impact that your customers can understand and trust today. In other words, it's planetary action made transparent, meaningful, and accessible overnight. With us, you get to disrupt our planet's status quo by empowering the scale-up of desperately needed innovations working towards ending plastic waste, once and for all.

Since inception, we've created impact for people across 26 countries and 100+ purposeful brands, ranging from up-and-coming SMEs to global Fortune 500s. On behalf of our global coalition, we now eliminate 2.5+ million pounds of plastic waste every year, and in doing so, rePurpose Global is positively impacting and touching the lives of 9,500+ marginalized waste workers and community members worldwide.

Join our movement and together, we can reduce waste, revive lives, and restore nature's balance.

Dreams of Plastic Neutrality: we speak to Noah Godfrey from RePurpose Global

Dreams of Plastic Neutrality: we speak to Noah Godfrey from RePurpose Global

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