Feb. 16, 2021

How to save a Gigatonne of CO2 with EVA: we speak to Tamara Mumcuoglu about concrete.

How to save a Gigatonne of CO2 with EVA: we speak to Tamara Mumcuoglu about concrete.

Concrete is the second most used substance on earth after water, and for this reason, it has a significant environmental impact. If it were a country, it would rank third for emissions after China and the US putting out roughly 8% of the worlds CO2.

But let's not make concrete the bad guy. It is an incredibly versatile material. Civilisation was built on concrete, without it; we could not build our bridges, tunnels, infrastructure, or even homes.

In this podcast, we have someone that is doing something about it.
She is an environmental engineer, an inventor, and an entrepreneur. The owner and founder of several companies, working on notable projects such as the Dead Sea Preservation, water and wastewater infrastructures, developing wind energy high-efficiency harnessing devices and now working on a Patent pending technology activating waste for reuse in concrete production.
Welcome, Tamara Mumcuoglu!

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Tamara Mumcuoglu

EVA ltd

A serial entrepreneur dedicated to environmental challenges: from obtaining two degrees in Environmental and Energy Engineering through managing large scale multidisciplinary projects, invention of “Wind-in”, a wind energy high-efficiency harnessing device, and founding EVA Ltd to reduce CO2 emissions from the construction industry.