March 16, 2021

Rebel for Life: with Heath Greville from Extinction Rebellion

Rebel for Life: with Heath Greville from Extinction Rebellion

Our guest today is Extinction rebellion Member Heath Greville.

She is a Public Health Researcher at UWA.
Throughout her career, she was involved in setting up a housing cooperative in the mid-1980s; her first degree was in Chinese and Communications studies, then became a teacher and worked at the Centre for Aboriginal studies for most of the 1990’s in the Aboriginal Community Management and Development program. She worked in public health also and the Mental health Commission.

She lived in China between 2014 and 2017, helping to start up a charity devoted to improving educational opportunities for children in rural villages using music and English language teaching. For 18 months, she lived in the province of Ningxia, which had recently re-located half a million people who were recognised as displaced off their farmlands due to climate change. That area has heated 2.6 degrees C above the pre-industrial average already. This is when the reality of climate change hit her.
Moving back to Perth, WA, she joined Extinction Rebellion to continue her fight against climate change.

To find out more about Extinction Rebellion, follow the link to the main page. You will also be able to find out if there is an extinction rebellion group close to you.


Extinction Rebellion

Please read the Climate Health Report that Heath has recommended.

If you live in Australia, please join us on the 22nd March and be a Rebel for Life.  

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