May 18, 2021

Revive, Recycle, Repeat: We talk to Andy Straisfeld about taking medical waste and giving it a new life

In this episode, we talk to Andy Straisfeld, Chief Strategist for LifeCycle Revive. Located in Brantford, Ontario, LifeCycle Revive is Canada's first polypropylene Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) waste recycler, diverting tons of medical waste from landfills. A fantastic start-up idea that has received Canadian Government funding to scale. Some facts about medical waste:

  • About 85% of medical waste is non-hazardous.
  • About 3% of all drug costs come from drug wastage. In the US alone, this translates to over $1 billion a year.
  • In the US, almost 5000 acute hospitals are generating about 7000 tons of waste every day. About $10 billion is spent each year to dispose of it all.

Andy and his team have developed a way to recycle a vast amount of this waste and divert it from landfill. Links: LifeCycle Revive Webpage LifeCycle Revive Facebook How to be good Social Instagram Facebook LinkedIn If you like what we do and want to help us continue, please help us out by donating via Patreon; with two of the membership levels, we will also plant 3 or 5 trees monthly in your name. Email or contact us Gareth - LinkedIn - Instagram Anca -LinkedIn - Instagram PLEASE FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE AND GIVE US A REVIEW - ALSO TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THE SHOW; THE MORE WE SPREAD THE WORD, THE BETTER FOR US ALL. 

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Andy Straisfeld

Lifecycle Revive

“Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.”


What I look for in life, be it in my career or personal life, is the opportunity to leave behind a measure of innovation and improvement. My experiences, ups-and-downs in the business of medical sales and life, drive me beyond the “fear” and gives me courage to try new things. I am a sales professional that loves innovative and out of box thinking and execution. I stay ahead, in life and business, by doing something new and fresh.

I use my 25+ years of skills forged in service and medical equipment sales to help my customers develop and execute strategies that close deals and grows profit, and along the way making sure that we give back to our clients, our company and planet in environmentally sound and sustainable outcomes and results.

Negotiation, product training, business development, strategy development and execution, marketing